Some New Additions to the N Judah Chronicles Universe…

Today I’ve got a few small tweaks to the site that are the beginning of some changes to the site to make it easier to read, and to bring it up to date with what other blogs are doing. Eventually I want to completely redo the site’s layout but I’m still learning how to do all of that in Movable Type, and it is not easy.
For now, I’ve added two things: a Twitter feed and a Facebook Page I’d been experimenting with Twitter for a few months now, seeing if this might be a fun way to fill in the gaps between entries with “live” reports of MUNI failwhale action or funny scenes on the N. Based on that, I’ve now added a Twitter panel where you can read my latest Twitterings, and you can also “follow” me on Twitter if you have an account.
I’ve also created a Facebook “Page” which has a feed of all the stories posted here. I’m doing this mostly to test out a few ideas for social networking related promotion, and it is easy to set up. If you’re on Facebook, check it out.
I want to make some other changes but they will have to wait until the election is over.

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