Uh Oh – Delays Expected for Monday Commute On The N!

Heads up, gang: the MUNI TroubleAlert indicates some damage to the N Judah overhead lines, meaning the N will stop at Hillway, pick up people on a bus, then drop them off at 19th until the wires are fixed. Try another route home if you can.
And I’ll try and get some more “real” posts up soon – work + other things have interrupted my blogging, which is too bad since there’s a lot to talk about, esp. in light of another week of Cable Car Fail, and the changes to MUNI service due soon. Oh and there’s that Train to Nowhere too…

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  1. Gah, an hour from UCSF Parnassus to Civic Center on the N, with the longest waits from Duboce to Civic Center.
    Oh claustrophobic tunnel stops… Will you make people giggly or homicidal? Only time will tell.

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