Reader Mail: Yet Another Car Tries To Drive Through The Sunset Tunnel…

Reader Marc writes in with some information I’d not heard about…it didn’t appear on the MUNI TroubleAlert (as is the case sometimes with MUNI related mayhem) but once again it seems someone, most likely a tad tipsy, decided it was a Good Idea to drive through the Sunset Tunnel. He writes:

Did you get any pics or reports about the SUV that drove into the east portal of the sunset tunnel last night? I got there right as a police officer started to back the car out – it was a black Ford Expedition, and it made it about 25-30 yards into the tunnel before the driver stopped on the inbound side of the tracks. I didn’t see the driver around anywhere, but it was apparently a woman and I heard someone say that she appeared to be drunk (shocking).

Anyone else catch this bit of MUNI drama?
For fun, you can read about past incidents with this post, complete with video or this more recent incident.
I swear, sometimes this blog just writes itself!

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