Don’t Forget! MUNI Town Hall Meeting December 3rd!

I’m busy working on the N Judah Chronicles Holiday Shopping Guide this weekend, but in the meantime, I wanted to do some promo for the MUNI Town Hall Meeting on December 3rd at the SF County Fair Building at 9th and Lincoln.

There is the cynic’s line that these things are showboaty silliness, but if you attend and ask good questions, you can put some folks on the spot and at least get their remarks “on the record” so we can measure future developments against current promises.

To his credit, Sup. Mirkarimi’s past efforts with events like these haven’t been BS, and it was because of promises made at one of these we were able to push for the signal improvements at 9th / Irving and 9th / Judah.

These things only work if we all take them seriously. It is easy for us all to complain, but here’s at chance to at least force the Powers That Be to pay attention, and if nothing else, politely remind them that MUNI is not an abstract of statistics, budgets and bureaucracy, it’s something that affects everyone in the City, even if they don’t use it themselves every day.

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