Happy New Year! MUNI and BART Have A Present for You!

After a weird week of commute-snarling protests and whatnot, MUNI and BART are offering us all a present of sorts for New Years!
MUNI will be giving away free rides starting at 8pm tonight, and they’ll be free until 6am tomorrow morning. Likewise, MUNI Metro trains will be running later than usual (until 4am) but only from Embarcadero to West Portal (sigh).
BART will also be running trains late than usual, running until 3am, and if you buy a pass in advance you can pay $6 and ride it all you like (this is a particularly good deal for folks visiting from out of town).
You can try your luck with a cab, but cab service on a regular day in SF is notoriously unreliable and expensive (more so than the cabs in NYC!) and trying to get one on New Year’s is impossible. So ironically, you’re better off trying your luck with MUNI.
Most importantly, have a nice evening and be safe. Don’t drive if you really don’t need to, and REALLY don’t drive if you’ve been drinking. You don’t want to start 2009 with a DUI arrest, or worse.

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