Last Night’s Crash on the N Judah – Belated Report

Last night we had a crash on the N, and several Loyal Readers emailed in accounts and pics, and others alerted folks via Twitter. Sadly, I was not online with an actual computer (instead all I had was my iPhone) and the lack of “cut and paste” made it almost impossible to reprint everyone’s accounts accurately.
But in the interest of record keeping, here’s a couple of emails from some folks who were onhand for teh accident which happened at Duboce and Church:
First, Reader Brian wrote:

The accident happened around 7:15 tonight at the cross of Church and Duboce. An N-Judah train going inbound had changed to a J-Church and collided with black passenger car on the turn from Duboce onto Church.
When I walked by at 7:35 there was still a child in the back seat who looked fine, just waiting to be removed from the car. I’ve attached some photos. Sorry they’re not too clear; I didn’t want to risk dazzling passing drivers — who were probably already gawking at the accident — by using my flash.
I think they were turning the N round at Duboce and running a replacement bus to ocean beach, though I change at Duboce anyway so I’m not sure what happened after this. The accident choked the intersection and caused a backlog of J, N and 22 in all directions.

Thanks to all who helped – usually I can post these in real-time but I’m working on a workaround for the iPhone’s odd limitations…and as always you can check out our Twitter feed where I can post bulletins from pretty much anywhere, faster.

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  1. anonymouse says:

    How does the city possibly justify not installing a traffic light at that intersection? It’s amazing that this sort of thing doesn’t happen more often.

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