Tonight! MUNI Town Hall Meeting with Sup. Mirkarimi and MTA Director Nate Ford!

This week has been quite a week for all things transit talk. First, we had Our Mayor go all Fidel Castro on us with a 7 1/2 hour speech on YouTube, which included this 41 minute piece on transportation issues. At the suggestion of a reporter from the Examiner, I watched it and it was kinda boring, with the usual “yeah things are not perfect but yeah things are great” spin you get out of City Hall.
What was most glaring, however, was absolutely no mention of the tens of millions of dollars in cuts MUNI has been getting clobbered with year after year from the State of California, and how we’re ever going to pay for all these wonderful things Our Mayor talks about in his speech. Still, if you’ve got the time, check it out.
Also, tonight, Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi is hosting another MUNI town hall meeting at 7pm over at the SF County Fair Building, conveniently located at 9th and Lincoln.
Given all that’s going on, from changes to MUNI courtesy of the Transit Effectiveness Project, to budget cuts, to anything else you might have on your mind, it’s worth attending. Mirkarimi’s past MUNI meetings have actually been somewhat effective – allowing as many questions to be asked “live” with the rest being answered in writing last time around was a nice touch. So if you can, stop by and make your voice heard.
The SF County Building is conveniently located near many bus and train lines, including the N Judah, the 71, the 44, and the 6 and 43 (2 blocks over on Judah Street.).

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