Blog Post #4,815,162,342 About Our Awesome Weather This Week!

Wouldn’t you know it, the one week I’m the busiest is the week we have an unexpected blast of summer after some rather cold weather. But no matter, I’m taking advantage of it any way I can.

Last night as I was on the way home, I decided to get off the 6 early, and walk from Carl & Cole all the way home. It was just too nice an evening to be cooped up in a bus, and a walk around the neighborhood is always nice.

Since I don’t have an army of writers, nor do I do this full time, I’ve been testing out using Twitter to fill in the gaps with on the scene observations and pictures during the day. We’ve got a nice little group on there now, and it’s part of a few things I’ve been testing as I make plans to update the site. Check it out!

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