Friday Video Fun: Futuristic Bus Ads In NYC

While cruising around YouTube this afternoon I found this interesting video of a high tech bus board in New York City.
It seems like every movie about The Future made from the mid 80s to the late 90s always had stuff like this to remind the audience “hey! It’s THE FUTURE!” and usually that meant the present day, louder and more garish, and of course with lots of product placement. (For fun, re-watch Blade Runner and all those products for companies that have gone out of business).
Maybe some day we’ll see these in San Francisco. I can think of more than a few creative uses for such things. At least, preferably for products that sound a little more interesting than “egg white flatbreads.”

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2 Responses to Friday Video Fun: Futuristic Bus Ads In NYC

  1. Derrik says:

    Personally I’m waiting for augmented reality ads that I can view in my Apple iGlasses


  2. Greg says:

    Don’t some cabs have this? I personally don’t like ads on public transit

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