Inauguration Special: Discount on All N Judah Apparel Jan. 16th-20th!

The good folks at have just announced a new discount code in honor of Inauguration Day – $4.40 off any shirt in the Zazzle store! All you need to do is go to our Zazzle store, pick out any shirt for sale (you’ll find both N Judah and Adama for President items there), and enter the code 440SHIRTSALE for your discount. (FYI, is located right here in the Bay Area, so if you’re a local, you’re ordering from a local business!)
And, while you’re buying your shirt, why not send President Elect Obama a note the next time you get hit up for a donation asking him to give transit infrastructure help with that bazillion dollar “stimulus” package, instead of letting his transit secretary shovel it all to his campaign contributors?

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