N Judah Business Review (Reloaded): Al’s Market!

If you like to buy “natural” foods and such, you often find your options are limited in our neighborhood, particularly if you want to go shopping for a last minute item after 8pm. I’d been meaning to write a review of 5th and Irving, they are one of the few stores open late around here, staying open until 10pm – kind of nice if you have a missing ingredient or whatnot and don’t want to buy something at 7-11. Also, they now have beer and wine, and a greater variety of products, particularly bulk items, and their prices aren’t bad either. Plus, if given the option, I’d rather spend the money here, than at Whole Paycheck anyway.

This week they’re also trying something new: offering fresh coffee starting at 7:30 every morning for commuters as they wait for the N Judah. This is an experiment to see if there’s a demand for such service or not, so if this is something you might enjoy, stop by for a cup of coffee while you wait for the N this week.

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