Quick Hit: Call Speaker Pelosi’s Office RIGHT NOW (before Noon Today) To Save MUNI…

The vigilant people at SF Streetsblog alerted everyone to an important amendment in the House that might help transit around the country get less screwed, but it’s going to need all the Loyal Readers to take a few minutes out of their day to call Our Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, and demand some action out of her office.
The amendment to speak out for is the Transbay Blog reports the amendment went through. It’s not as great as the one sponsored by Rep. DeFazio of Oregon, but hey, it is better than nothing.

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2 Responses to Quick Hit: Call Speaker Pelosi’s Office RIGHT NOW (before Noon Today) To Save MUNI…

  1. eddo says:

    I called in and left a message for congresswoman Pelosi. I mentioned that I was calling her while on a crowded BART train and that it might be loud and I might lose the call going under the transbay tube but that it was the middle of the day and the train was full with people of all ages and backgrounds and that everyone of these people have chosen public transit over other forms of transportation and that we were all hoping she would support the Nadler amendment to better pulbic transit in San Francisco and the Bay Area.

  2. Greg says:

    Right on, dude. Thanks for your support. Money isn’t a cureall for MUNI’s woes but if they keep on cut cut cutting soon there’ll be nothing left. And that doesn’t serve anyone, least of all people who honestly need a car or truck to do their job or business and can’t because traffic kills em!!!

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