WWJRD? (What Would Jim Rolph Do?) – Spring N Judah Pub Crawl

For some time now we’d been kicking around the idea of an N Judah Pub Crawl, but it wasn’t until Loyal Reader Carla offered a few weeks ago to assist with the preparations (she has Jedi level event planning skills) that I was able to really do it right.
Right now we’ve tentatively planned it for just after Tax Time in April, when the weather is nice and we won’t conflict with too many events. While I’ve got a few places in mind, I’d be interested in hearing suggestions from you as to places you’d like to see featured. And of course we’ll feature a commemorative T shirt designed by Mason Powell, to celebrate. Post your suggestions in the comments or feel free to drop me an email!
It may seem like a long way out, but my experience with events (as well as other things I’m doing for work) made it clear if I didn’t give it some lead time, it wouldn’t come off with the kind of fun and flair an NJC event should have!

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