Friday Triskadecaphobia Day Fun: MUNI Alert for Saturday…

Ah, Friday the 13th. I’m never sure whether to give in to triskadecaphobia and hide indoors all day until midnight, or say “frak it” and live life as normal, and hope I don’t get killed by MUNI. Ah, superstition.
Todays MUNI TroubleAlert told us not of trouble, per se but instead about a bike race Saturday morning that makes its way through the Outer Sunset and Outer Richmond until about 10:30 am. If any of you are in the area, take some pictures and post ’em to Flickr this weekend.
As for me, I’m having a nerd-fest tonight, what with Dollhouse premiering, Terminator returning, and Battlestar Galactica rocking.
And now, a Grindhouse-style promo for Fox Fridays. Because I can:

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