So There WAS A Labor-Related Interruption to MUNI Service After All..

While doing the “day job” this morning, I noticed this Twitter alert from SF Breaking News about a situation this morning regarding a MUNI slowdown and a possible labor action at MUNI.
In between emails and “day job” work I did some searching to find out what was going on, but nothing was coming up until this story on SFist (thanks Brock!) about a delay caused by a MUNI employee blocking gates and complaining about alleged assignment irregularities and seniority and such.
As we all know, it’s illegal for MUNI drivers to go on strike in San Francisco, but that does not stop TWU members from engaging in other actions that slow down MUNI, such as what we saw here. It’s simliar to what happened a while back when, as elected officials were trying to garner support for 2007’s Prop. A, some folks decided to have a work slowdown over not getting their raises sooner than planned.
Given the fact we’re in an economic tail-spin, and MUNI is going to take some hits, no matter who’s in charge, it would seem now is not the best time to be doing things to screw up MUNI any more than it really is. If MUNI management is doing something detrimental to the safety of passengers and drivers, then yes, the union oughta say something.
If they’re going to save their powder for helping only the bad drivers (instead of the awesome ones we profiled the other day) and the like, they’re going to lose the public’s sympathy as we all get laid off from our jobs or see our paychecks cut back, with no guarantees of employment for the forseeable future.

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  1. Charles Moody says:

    Waited at Carl/Cole today at noon for 30minutes+ for Outbound train. When one finally came it was a one car and jammed. Got off @34th Avenue and looking down to the Ocean I could see no trains other than the one I was on. Something is happening!

  2. If you felt you were victimized yesterday, we’ve got a list of the lines that operate out of the Woods Division yard:
    Chime in with your comment too!

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