Fun Friday: Puppet Show on Carl St. This Sunday!

Greetings from National Harbor, MD! If you’ve ever watched The Wire or Brotherhood on cable, often times a plot point is some big weird “redevelopment” deal near the water. Well, I’m right in the middle of one – an island of expensive hotels and stores across the Potomac from Alexandria. VA. It’s so “new” that Google Maps just shows a big wide expanse of dirt and construction sites.
I’ll editorialize on that all later. For now, I’m doing a quick update courtesy of one of the Loyal Readers, Meredith, who is also a Twitter Follower who let me know about a free puppet show on Carl St. by a foreign exchange student from the Czech Republic. She writes:
“So…the final puppet show is this coming Sunday – it’s such a pity I didn’t get this to you sooner. This blue garage is where they are right on Carl. The puppet master, Radek Tuma is from the chez republic, and he’s on a student visa.
He is working on his PHD at the University of Performing Arts in Prague. He is assisted in the theater by Michael Lee Anderson from SF. It’s a really cool event and worth seeing particularly since this coming Sunday is the last performance.”
You can see by the picture that it’s a rather elaborate setup in a garage on Carl (nearer to UCSF than to Cole St. I believe). Anyway, if you’re in the area, you should check it out.
More Guest Bloggers will be posting soon, and we’ll also have some wonderful photography that was submitted as well. Thanks to all that are helping and there will be plenty of other opportunities for you, the readers to guest-blog this year!

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5 Responses to Fun Friday: Puppet Show on Carl St. This Sunday!

  1. leaf says:

    Is this happening during the day? At night? When?

  2. Meredith says:

    Oh it happens at night…right around 8pm. They usually have tea, some people bring wine and cookies. Since its the final performance this week, and assuming the weather holds, it should be really fun. They go for about 1.5 hours but you can come and go…This Sunday night.

  3. tangobaby says:

    That sounds really cool… I might cut my tango short tonight and see if I can catch the puppet show.

  4. michael Anderson says:

    I am Michael Lee Anderson one of the performers in the puppet show on carl st. First of all, thank you very much for the publicity, we had a larger crowd than usual this past sunday (about 50 people standing around our garage theatre).
    I am also writing to let you know that last sunday was not our last performance, although it was suspected that it might be. The theatre is alive and doing very well, and we are looking for new ways to expand and grow, and in the meantime will continue our sunday performances in the old garage on 498 carl st x arguello. Since we appreciated the publicity before I was hoping it might be possible to add an update to your blog to let your readers know that we are going to continue doing performances.
    Thanks you kindly, and best wishes with the NJudahChronicles (I’m a chronic rider of the Njudah as well)

  5. Crystal says:

    I was wondering if the show is going on tonight, even though it’s Easter Sunday?

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