Fun Friday: Bay To Breakers Info and More!

After all the drama and yesterday’s MUNI FAIL, I think all of us could use a fun weekend. The weather is expected to be rather nice, so get outside and enjoy a day at the park, the beach, etc. Here’s a few links to some fun things also.
This Sunday, of course, is the (in)famous Bay to Breakers race, which means there’ll be thousands of people running, pretending to run, etc. across the City. MUNI has posted this list of service interruptions if you’re not in the race and just want to get somewhere. Now, we all know that when these kinds of Big Events happen, inevitably that means crowded Ns, some sort of special shuttle service that costs $7 and doesn’t show up, and so on so be prepared. Don’t even THINK of driving and parking at the end, since everyone else will do the same anyway and there’s no parking in this part of town to begin with.
We’d also like to remind people of our past PSAs on Bay to Breakers regarding personal hygiene, and our other PSA regarding the use of the N Judah as a trash hauling concern. SFist has been kind enough to provide this map of “recharging” stations, where runners can find all sorts of locally owned shops to satisfy their needs. (I will not be in the race this year, but instead on the rooftop deck watching the athletes stumble about the neighborhood).
In addition to the Big Race, there’s also a whole host of local events on Saturday, which I profiled the other day, including a community flea market at 6th and Irving. Oh and as a follow up, word is that the Farmer’s Market for the Inner Sunset, which we talked about earlier this week has been approved, and should be up and running fairly soon!
Most importantly, get outside and enjoy all the great things Our Fair City has to offer. When the weather’s nice, San Francisco can be a fun place to be, so enjoy it while it lasts!

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