Assemblymember Fiona Ma is “Taking Questions Online” – Why Not Ask Her About MUNI, etc.?

1286618871_b6331d657b_m.jpgAs many politicians like to do, Assemblymember Fiona Ma is doing that whole “Web 2.0” thing the kids and their rock and roll keep saying is a really big deal. Recently I got an email from Assemblymember Ma calling for questions at an “online town hall meeting” (whatever that is). They’re gonna use the Twitter, that Facebook thing, and a “live chat” to talk to citizens about their concerns.
I’m always a bit curious as to how these things are set up, since, if they’re taking the questions in advance, that means they can just filter out anything they don’t wanna talk about. However, I say, let’s give Ms. Ma the benefit of the doubt for now, and participate and see what happens. If it’s useful, great, and if it’s bogus, well we’ll find out, won’t we? Besides, as a representative of the west side of SF, she is the rep. in Sacramento for our Mighty N so let’s bug her about all things N related, gang.
Some things you might want to ask her could include things like what she thinks of the court victory declaring the money grab from transit in Sacramento is illegal, her ideas on how a local agency like MUNI could find ways to fund itself and no longer rely on the whims of the Doofinator and the Legislature, what kinds of things she’s working on for our neighborhoods (think fixing 19th Avenue as an example) and so on.
I’ve acutally participated in a live “blogger call” with her before and they were usually pretty open to anything people wanted to ask – no one minded when I asked questions about transit funding or JROTC, for example. (for the record, they were not of the “Mr. Burns, your campaign seems to have the momentum of a runaway freight train” variety…)
Anyway, let’s see what happens!

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