Fun Friday: Happy Fourth of July!

american-flag-2a.jpgI’m taking a break from all things Internet this weekend so I can catch up on some other things this weekend. So unless there’s a major epic MUNI fail or some other ZOMG type news, I’m going to keep things quiet for a few days. As always, The Twitter will be on my phone for any random bits of retweeting.
But before I go to the movies, a few links and details…
-This weekend you can buy our t-shirts and mugs in the store and get 17.76% off. Simply type in the code ZAZZLEUSAUSA and you’ll get the discount!
-If you haven’t yet seen this amazing picture of an outbound N, do so now. Whoever this photographer is, they are seriously talented.
-The Facebook Fan Page has a new URL – find it at Unlike certain politicians online, you will not get a bazillion pleas to “get more fans” from it if you “fan” it on Facebook. Seriously. That’s just stupid.
The SF Appeal has been writing about the decline and fall of the CitiAparments empire, and how in their decline they’re now illegally keeping people’s deposits when they move out. (Word is that they don’t have the money to pay them even though you’re not supposed to go spend the deposits). It has been suggested that their continued malfeasance warrants having all their ads on Craigslist flagged for violating the TOU. Interesting!
Finally someone shot a video recently of a classical music quartet playing in the Powell St. Station. It is a nice change from the usual blend of Dylan sung badly or the Angry Crazy Guy and Ticket Scammer duet that populates the station often. Enjoy.

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2 Responses to Fun Friday: Happy Fourth of July!

  1. Jim says:

    The thing about CitiApartments is that they can say whatever they want – it would seem that they’re bluffing.
    It’s a bit of a pain and there’s always a risk, but a small claims suit is totally doable. The Migden deposit law is a big stick for landlords to worry about. Sue for $7500 and then let the judge sort things out.
    Here’s an edited version of the Civil Code:
    (l) The bad faith retention by a landlord of the security may subject the landlord to statutory damages of up to twice the amount of the security, in addition to actual damages.
    The court may award damages for bad faith whenever the facts warrant that award, regardless of whether the injured party has specifically requested relief. In any action under this section, the landlord shall have the burden of proof as to the reasonableness of the amounts claimed.

  2. Bob Davis says:

    The string quartet certainly helps San Francisco’s “culture quotient”. And as more rustic violists used to say, “Rosin on the bow and away we go!”

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