Today’s Record-Scratch WTF? Moment With MUNI…

So I was reading the SF Appeal on this sunny day and came across this article, where it seems the City is handing out goodies to Levis to keep them from leaving their own building. Now, how the City can afford to hand out goodies to the well off in times of alleged budget crisis is a mystery best left aside – today’s Record Scratch WTF moment was the part, noted by the Appeal, that there’s some deal to adjust MUNI schedules to better “accommodate” a few workers at Levi’s headquarters.
Eve said it best (i.e. why not fix it for everyone’s schedules?) but I’ll take it a bit further – maybe we should get UCSF to threaten to move unless they fix the N Judah and 6 Parnassus and the 71. I mean, more people work and use UCSF than Levi’s corporate HQ, and I’m sure they’d all love it if the stupid buses ran on time too.

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  1. Nancy Ewart says:

    I’m all for UCSF putting some pressure on the MUNI for better service on the N Judah. I worked up at Parnassus for many years and always, it seemed, under a variety of Nazi like supervisors. I always sweated getting to work on time. Since the N was so often unreliable, I often go into trouble through no fault of my own. Of course, UC should also hire management that’s more sensible about public transportation but that’s a whole other issue.

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