Heck, Maybe It’s Time for a Tumblr Blog About the Day’s Accidents….

No, really.
Now, to be fair, some of the accidents yesterday weren’t MUNI’s fault. If a driver tries to outrun or sideswipe a giant MUNI Metro train, well the possibility of that ending in tears is high. Likewise, if a pedestrian doesn’t pay attention to the cars, trains, and whatnot in the street, that can end in tears as well. There’s no word yet on today’s accident at 17th and Church that was reported about an hour ago, but once again, we’ll have endless speculation before we find out What Really Happened.
It’s too bad we let that expensive, “Newsom On The Can Idea” Culture Bus run for so long, burning gas, wasting money, and stealing away MUNI’s best drivers, and maybe put some of that money towards the lines that actually get used, or something else useful. And it’s unfortunate that the Mayor thought it was a great idea to steal money for silly stuff, and somehow expect everything would run fine. Etc. etc. etc.
But enough. Maybe it IS time for a separate tumblr.com blog just hooked up to an RSS of all the usual troublealert sources, and be done with it. Sure would be easy to set up….
On an unrelated subject, I’ve been doing some searching on the SFPL database for pictures of key locations on the N and elsewhere around town…anyway if you have suggestions on places to either find out more about, or have ideas on other places to go search, lemme know, it’s for a feature I’d like to roll out later on this fall.

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  1. anonymouse says:

    One time a few weeks ago I was riding a Caltrain-bound #45, and as it was approaching the intersection of Stockton and Ellis, the driver suddenly stops HARD, hard enough that there are a couple of (very minor) injuries. Seems that a car driver had attempted to make a right turn from Stockton to Ellis, cutting across the bus lane (and right in front of the bus). There’s far too many incompetent motorists like that, and it’s unfortunate that they can endanger even public transit users.

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