Open Thread Weekend: Outside Lands, Critical Sass, and More…

This weekend has already gotten off to a great start with the SPECTACULAR weather we’re having so far. This should be of benefit to all San Franciscans, but it also means that if you’re attending Outside Lands, you won’t freeze out west. However, we would direct any and all patrons of the MUNI to our longstanding PSA on personal grooming products as a courtesy to other riders.

Also, don’t forget, that today is Critical Sass Day, which sucks because it’s super hot and a billion people are coming into town for the music festival. If you can, escape downtown as fast as you can, so you’re not caught up in this maelstrom of selfishness. (Then again, Burning Man starts on Monday, so perhaps people are starting to leave town for it, thus making it a bit smaller than usual? One can hope).

Finally, since the weather is so great and it’s my birthday tomorrow, I’m going to go light on posting this weekend. Barring a major MUNI fail (and not the usual nonsense) or something else of note, I’m going to leave the comments open on this post for people to report on anything particularly good or bad this weekend. I’ll of course be on the Twitter armed with my iPhone as well for short posts + pictures.

In particular, if you’re taking pictures, post them online and post the URL in the comments – surely with billions of people attending Outside Lands there has to be something of note to take a picture of.

Finally, I wanted to post this video of the always awesome Beth Spotswood’s “Weekend What’s Up” created by the always awesome folks. Have a great weekend and enjoy a sunny San Francisco!

Oh wait! SF Appeal has this live coverage online of Outside Lands – if you’ve got something to say about Outside Lands or whatever, go for it.

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2 Responses to Open Thread Weekend: Outside Lands, Critical Sass, and More…

  1. Greg Dewar says:

    Hey Look! They filmed Trauma at Duboce Park

  2. Hey Greg, thanks for the heads-up on the thing… I seem to always be finding out about kewl stuff after-the-fact, so this should be a great aid…
    And it was a pleasure meeting and talking with you at Julie’s (TangoBaby) reception last night… Almost completely lost my voice about half-way through the event — but haven’t rubbed shoulders or done so much talking with so many interesting folks in quite a while…
    Best regards, Don

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