Having a Larry David Day on the 44 Turned Out OK

curbyourenthusiasm2.jpgSo I pulled an all nighter for work last night, and then had a conference call bright and early at 6am, so I decided to just keep working and see how long I’d last. I have found this to be unusually refreshing, and no I didn’t smoke any meth or drink a lot of coffee, I’m just awake.
This meant I got a lot of work done way earlier than normal, so I decided to take advantage of the uniqueness of being free in the middle of the day to do some mundane errands. So I decided to take the 44 to Safeway. What could possibly go wrong?
I got to the store and I think everyone else who was buying 10x as much stuff as I was had the same idea, because despite my super-organized shopping, I had to wait forever in line. Fine, it happens. But then I kept watching 44 after 44 fly by on Routesy, and I began to wonder if I’d be stuck waiting for 30 minutes for a bus. Instead it was only 22, but I had a tri-tip and some other perishables like vegetables all sitting in the hot sun.
The 44 finally shows up and it is packed to the rafters, worse than I’ve ever seen. There was no way I and 4 bags of groceries could get on and the Muni driver even shrugged and said “Man, I apologize but there literally no room at the inn.” Well, at least he was nice about it and got all Biblical. The next bus wouldn’t even arrive for another 24 minutes.
Yay. And I needed to get home fast because I needed to jump back on a project for a client. Double Yay.
So I decided it was such a nice day, I’d just walk it. This is something I’ll do with 1 bag of groceries, but not 4. I figured at the very least, I’d be almost home by the time the 44 would even show up. And it’s some exercise.
However, I didn’t plan on the fact that here’s some goofy guy with his black “I [Skull] LA” t shirt on, walking through the scenic beauty of Golden Gate Park with 4 bags of groceries in tow. I think every old lady and tourist had to stop and stare as I made my way past the bandshell and over to the Science Center on the way home. Right about then all I could think of was the theme from “Curb Your Enthusiasm” playing in the background, and I just kinda said “frak it”, smiled, and decided to enjoy the walk outdoors, Muni or not.
I did beat the 44, and I got home and nothing went bad. Overall a nice diversion on what turned out to be a great day, weatherwise (and we all know how much we like to talk and/or freak out about the weather, right?) and now I’m getting back to work.
Cue credits.

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9 Responses to Having a Larry David Day on the 44 Turned Out OK

  1. Erik says:

    What kind of ****** schedules a conference call for 6am on a Monday?

  2. Greg Dewar says:

    I work on east coast time sometimes for clients for the day job, so I sometimes have to get up early, it’s not often, but it can be a bit of a jolt when I haven’t done it in a while!

  3. Karena says:

    Glad you got home okay. There have been several times I’ve walked home with groceries from Real Food and beat the N-Judah.

  4. Greg Dewar says:

    @Karena: oh I bet. I don’t mind a nice walk when I have the time. But I didn’t bring my reusable bags, and had 4 bags of groceries and I was wondering if one of ’em would break as I bought a lot of stuff on sale. I literally walked in the door at home and one of ’em completely collapsed.

  5. anonymouse says:

    There’s something wrong when you have to take a bus to get to the local supermarket. Though when I was living in SF, I had it even worse: I had to take the subway!

  6. Bob Davis says:

    Talk about having to take a bus or train to the supermarket: A few weeks ago there was an article about how there are NO supermarkets within the city limits of Detroit. Residents who don’t have cars have to go to neighborhood markets with high prices, low quality (produce and meats), and limited selection. I’m not sure if the article mentioned bus service to the suburban supermarkets, but I would guess that Detroit area transit is not much better than their NFL team. In other words, MuniLanders, it could be worse.

  7. anonymouse says:

    I just find it particularly strange and inconvenient that in a city as small and dense as SF, and as relatively well served by transit, the supermarkets are still planned on the suburban model, both in terms of general distribution, as well as the layout of the actual store sites (large, and with a generous amount of parking). It seems like even in SF, the assumption is that everyone drives to the supermarket.

  8. Greg Dewar says:

    Good Lord you people can be buzzkills sometimes. This was just a lighthearted tale of lugging 4 heavy about-to-break bags across the park. Why does everything have to be a fucking serious polemic on shit all the time?

  9. Slappy says:

    Buzzkills? On the Internet?!??
    Couldn’t resist 😉

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