“Mayor” Newsom on Muni Crime – Too Little, Too Late

Apparently someone at the Newsom for Governor campaign decided that it was time for a press conference to talk big about crime on Muni, especially after the reports of children being stabbed and so on. The Examiner reports that we’ve got some Big Talk from the “Mayor,” and as always these reports fail to take into account recent history.
After all, it was Newsom who looted Muni’s budget time and again for other departments (and for his own office) to suit his own political needs. As a result, maintenance has been taking a hit and whoops! Suddenly you have a lot of inoperable cameras that ensure there’s no way for the police to catch the bad people.
If the Mayor and his MTA board had perhaps paid more attention to Muni during the entire time he was in office, maybe things could be a little better. That would assume, of course that the “Mayor” wanted to do his job, instead of goofing off at work and running for higher office. Let’s hope that in the future, people in SF will look past “name ID” and maybe take a little more time picking out a chief executive.
There’s only one declared candidate so far, and while I’m still waiting to hear more, it is unusual to see a candidate actually stake their reputation on making Muni better. I mean, talk about taking a risk! Hopefully this might lead to a whole bunch of people running who will all try to outdo each other in making our city better.
Ok perhaps that’s wishful thinking. But hey, a guy can dream can’t he?

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3 Responses to “Mayor” Newsom on Muni Crime – Too Little, Too Late

  1. Eric G says:

    Unfortunately, Dufty is the kind of guy who will say anything to get your approval, then turn around and say the opposite to the next guy.
    I’ve e-mailed him at one point about raising the Muni fares. He swore up and down that he would vote against the fare increase. He sounded so sincere, I actually believed him.
    But guess which way he voted?

  2. Greg Dewar says:

    I hear ya, which is why I’m not endorsing anyone anytime soon. I’m pretty skeptical but if we can at least have competing candidates who decide the way to win is to commit in writing something, maybe a “contract with the owner/riders of Muni” that’d be great.
    until then, it’s easy to talk a lot, and not do a lot.

  3. Bob Davis says:

    There was an item on the radio news today about Mayor Newsom and Atty. Gen. Brown (remember when he was called Governor Moonbeam?) running for Governor next year. At least during Brown’s first go-around in the gov’s office, he made a few steps toward improving rail travel in California. And I recall telling a right-wing colleague, “Anyone who likes Linda Ronstadt can’t be all bad.” I would expect the odds on Newsom winning the primary, let alone the general election, are rather long on the “Vegas morning line”. I’m a special case because I pay more attention to SF events than most Southern Californians, but I suspect his reputation will precede him if he tries campaigning in my bailiwick.

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