Catastrophic Flooding Besets Evening Commute, As Does PHP Fail

2012movieposter.jpgWell today has pretty much sucked for everyone it seems. First a burst of rain shut down Muni, flooded Van Ness Station, and pretty much brought upon 2012 3 years early in some parts of town.
Then, at the same time, because my ISP migrated my site to a new server right in the middle of the busiest time of year for me, and I didn’t have a chance to make some changes to the server paths in some of the PHP files and suddenly none of the updates I did were showing up. But after firing off an appeal for help to the Internet, I was able to fix it with a band aid (hey like Muni) for now and will be able to limp through 2 more weeks until I can fix it right.
Anyway, if you have some nightmare stories about the Flood of 2009, or a funny story, or advice on how to get home, feel free to post, and if you get some weird error message, send me an email and lemme know. (I already know about that one “fatal error” thing though).
On an unrelated topic: Our friends at SFist report a retired Muni bending bus is for sale for a mere $2300 (well that’s the opening bid). If I had the means to store and maintain it, I’d totally buy it, install a wet bar, DJ, and everything a true party bus needs, and run it around town!

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