Fun Friday: Fleet Week, Free F-Line Rides, and a Fun Contest

We definitely need some fun around here, now that the weather’s finally starting to be truly Fall weather, and we’ve had to listen to the news over-hype an incident on the Muni system over and over again. (Really, people, all it takes is one cell cam video for everyone to lose their sh*t? It’s not like this is a new thing, news media!)
Anyway, there’s quite a lot going on because of Fleet Week. Before all the whining starts about “the noise” and whatnot, bear in mind that the F-Market line and the 47 will be running free all day Saturday and Sunday to accommodate the crowds wishing to view the event. So everyone wins!
But wait, there’s more. The SF Appeal is now compiling all the SFMTA Muni Alerts into one page, so you can find out just what’s up with Muni and various events, including the Italian Heritage Parade on Sunday, Oracle World next week, and some Burning Man thing.
And now some more fun: Way back when I got two tickets to the Nightlife at the Academy thing on Thursday nights. Now, this should have been a cool thing since I live so close to the Academy, and so on, but every time I’ve tried to use them, something terrible happens.
Either something keeps me working late, or in at least two verified cases, the person I was going to attend with was either rushed to the ER with an injury (they were hit by a car!) and another was taken ill with the flu (ironically after getting a flu shot). I’m convinced that these tickets are cursed (for me) so I’m going to give them away since they expire soon. I figure someone else might as well enjoy them.
So, since trivia contests don’t work online thanks to Google, I’m instead going to do an essay contest, 21st Century style. Instead of an essay, I’m asking for short blog posts of no more than 150 words, describing why you should win the passes, and who you would take if you won them. The person you can take can be someone you know, someone from history, a celebrity, etc. Do not submit them to the comments below – instead email me your submission.
Points are awarded for originality, good writing, a sense of humor that’s cool or witty, and points are taken off for bullsh!t. Keep it somewhat clean and friendly, folks, and have fun with it!
Later today I’ll be posting some news recently announced about some attempts to make boarding the Muni trains a bit safer. We’ve had discussions on this in the past, so it’ll be interesting to see what exactly they’re announcing today. If it means you can de-board the N without nearly getting killed all the time, well that would be awesome.
Photo courtesy of the Blue Angels/US Navy

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