Hey! Check Out This Event Tonight!

In my haste to get all my work done I somehow forgot to do a quick post about the “Sunset Sumo Sensation” tonight at 7pm at St. Anne’s located at Funston and Judah.
The event will pit representatives of various Sumset bars against each other in inflatable “sumo” costumes. The event is a benefit for the Irish Immigration Pastoral Center (www.sfiipc.org).
The Blackthorn will be ably represented by Tommy Mulhern and Dave Headd. Go team!

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3 Responses to Hey! Check Out This Event Tonight!

  1. Joel says:


  2. sfmike says:

    Sounds a bit borderline racist to me. What’s next? “Kung Fu Hustle” benefit night at St. Anne’s with Irish bartenders playing at being Chinese?

  3. Greg Dewar says:

    These blow up sumo things are a staple of corporate retreats and the like. I dunno that there’s any racism involved, more like, let’s put people in weird blow up suits and go crazy with ’em.
    Besides, this is the Sunset, you can’t be racist out here,you’d get your ass kicked if you did. And rightfully so. We’re good folks out here.

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