This Kind Of Story Is Frustrating To Read…Dead Guy on the 5 Fulton?

So today, it was reported that a dead body was found on a 5-Fulton, apparently having been on the bus in the bus yard long after the bus was done for the day.
Fine, that’s the news so far. But it is also very unclear if this is a situation where a) someone died on a bus, and no one noticed, even after an inspection (required after every shift) should have happened or b) if someone broke into the yard, got in the bus, and then died.
These kinds of stories set off a firestorm of theories, ranging from the mundane to the bizarre, or a rosary-like repeating of whatever mantra people want to repeat to make themselves feel good (“Muni sucks,” “frak the unions,” “San Francisco sucks,” blah blah blah). I’d rather find out about this after some more facts are known. Until then I honestly don’t care about random speculation, and I don’t think anyone else should until we have more facts and less guesswork. In most of these cases, the facts never match up with the wild speculation found on SFGate and blog comments, and don’t even rate a level of drama akin to an episode of “Law and Order.”

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