And Now, Some People Who REALLY Love Their Muni: Video of the Muni Party Last Week…

There’s a reason I returned to San Francisco after a silly detour elsewhere, and today I was sent a link to Yet Another Reason Why. That would be the video to the Muni Party last week.
Now, I’m sure that the Grampa Simpsons of the world will get their cackle on, clucking tongues at the Youth of America for being loud and obnoxious. To them I say, STFU.
Why? Because this city has long tolerated the expensive “gimme my cookie” tantrum that is Critical Mass, and those folks don’t pay a dime for their use of police time and killing Muni on time reliability for their little party. Fake revolutionary actions for the FAIL!
At least these people all frakking paid up. More importantly, isn’t it kinda awesome that the owners of Muni would choose to be this enthusiastic about their rail service en route to a party downtown? No one drove, so no drunk drivers, and well, this is the kind of thing we need – more people reclaiming Muni not just as a thing you endure to go to work, but one as we, the owners, use for what we want it to be.
Pictures, because it happened.
(PS, the video is kind loud so turn down those speakers, friends.)

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