Friday “Fun”: Jason Voorhees Cuts Muni a New One, This Weekend’s Closures, and Site News

friday-the-13th-jason-mask.jpgDays like today make me glad I have the day off. I mean, this morning’s massive tunnel freak out was making life miserable for so many of you (who loyally reported via Twitter), but from recent reports, it doesn’t sound like things are getting much better. (Insert Jason from the movies slashing Muni with a giant knife reference here).
I’m guessing it’s a safe bet that the evening commute is going to be pretty bad, and combined with the impending closure of the N at Duboce and Church for track repairs, well, let’s just say I’m glad I took today off. Frankly, they shoulda given EVERYONE a paid day off today…
And, speaking of closures, if you live on Judah Street between 19th and Sunset, and haven’t already familiarized yourself with this weekend’s schedule and re-routes, you really want to do that now. These track repairs are like getting one’s wisdom teeth pulled – painful but necessary. The bus service shouldn’t be too bad, but seeing a bus on the N-Judah line is like seeing a bus on a cable car line – sure it does the job, but it’s just a little too “alternate universe/FRINGE” for me.
Finally, some site news. I am trying to go on a vacation sometime in the next 6 weeks, and since the Guest Blogger test seemed to work out pretty good, I’m soliciting Guest Bloggers once again. Please email me if you’re interested in writing a short post, or want to share some photos, via the blog. If you look at past entries, they can be about pretty much anything Muni or San Francisco related, but nothing too crazy or psycho.
Finally (part II, Electric Boogaloo), I’m still looking for someone who knows how to upgrade MovableType to its latest version, and help me develop a new set of templates compatible with version 4.3. I want to change the layout to something a bit more contemporary, and add several new features, but I’m at the limits of my technical capabilities at this point. There is money involved as well as referrals from the endless stream of people who keep asking me if I know anyone who wants a lot of money to do work. No, really. Plus we may be getting another advertiser, which again, allows me to spend some money to make the site more fun.
(Side note: Yes, WordPress, blah blah blah. I’m well aware of the fact that I should switch but doing so now, after 4+ years here, would mean losing every single link in Google to the ages, and well, I don’t have time to learn an entirely new system. Unless someone can show me a way to avoid this….)

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2 Responses to Friday “Fun”: Jason Voorhees Cuts Muni a New One, This Weekend’s Closures, and Site News

  1. anonymouse says:

    Don’t switch to wordpress. It seems like a giant pile of security holes. Whatever downsides MT might have, at least that’s not one of them.

  2. Greg Dewar says:

    That was my concern as well. Security, plus the fact that I did buy MT and I figure that at some level, they need to keep working on it since it’s both “free” and paid for now.
    The only downside I see to MT is that one can’t find as many themes to download for it, there’s not as much help, and ever since they moved to 4.0, anytime I do a google for help, most of it is for 3, which is not the same thing. And as a smaller publisher, I can’t spend the money on what few MT developers there are out there to make it truly a moneymaker for them. But I do great referrals…

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