Team Nutella Wins 1st Place at the Blackthorn, Heads to League Championships!

Pardon the horn tooting here, but our pub trivia team, “Team Nutella,” just took 1st place at the Blackthorn in Brainstormer Pub Trivia‘s Bay Area trivia league! Needless to say this is kinda fun, and it means we’ll be advancing to the finals on December 12th.
What’s particularly amazing about our 1st place finish was that our team was never a big one (only 5 people) and on several occaisions, one of us couldn’t make it due to other commitments, and yet we still prevailed. One night we had only 3 people make it, and they came in 1st, beating out teams much larger than ours. Most importantly we had a lot of fun, and none of it would have been possible had I not been on a team with so many fun people. Joe, Jenny, Jennifer and Mason are awesome!
During the summer we came in 3rd in the Bay Area at the finals, and I’m hoping we’ll do better this time around. However, just because the league is over does not mean trivia is over – you can play Brainstormer trivia at the Blackthorn (which this fall featured barbecues on Mondays!), and at many bars in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Other bars, such as Shotwell’s, feature quizzes devised by their own staff, and are also fun.
Besides, where else are you going to find uses for all that algebra and social studies you had back in high school?

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2 Responses to Team Nutella Wins 1st Place at the Blackthorn, Heads to League Championships!

  1. cygnoir says:

    Congratulations again! Good luck at the finals!

  2. Greg Dewar says:

    Hey thanks! And glad to see you and your crew there tonight too! I’m gonna take a break now that league is done for the holidays, but I’m sure i’ll end up stopping by to say hi to everyone since the BT is so close to home.
    I’m lucky to have fallen in with a really great group of folks. Everyone brings unique knowledge to the team, and we all work well together. Plus, if you play brainstormer enough you’ll notice that you wont get the same questions but you will get similar topics. Plus signing up for the email list is crucial to winning those free points and pints.

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