Muni Stabbing Suspect Captured by SFPD on the N Judah

Well if you haven’t heard on The Twitter or elsewhere, word via SF Appeal is that the stabbing suspect from yesterday was captured on the N Judah today. The Examiner has also confirmed the story and SFist has more links to coverage also.
Let’s be glad no one was stabbed on the N Judah, and that yesterday’s victim also makes a full recovery, as well as anyone who’s been injured due to Muni crime. We’ve got a long way to go before this problem goes away, so let’s keep the employees accountable.
And those who make jokes about Muni safety (aka “Football Bat” Daly) need to STFU.
UPDATE: Speaking of “Football Bats,” Mayor Newsom just issued a press release. Whee.
Hey, Gavin, maybe if you’d cared about this, no one woulda been stabbed in the first place!

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One Response to Muni Stabbing Suspect Captured by SFPD on the N Judah

  1. They caught the guy on the street at 31st and Judah.
    That’s my stop.
    That can be kind of a sketchy busstop. Because there’s no seats or protection from the wind, people tend to wait for the bus at this entrance to an apartment complex. I’ve never had any problems with it before, but I can just imagine waiting there for my bus and then all of a sudden this crazy homeless smelling guy is in your space and you’re a cornered animal.

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