Don’t Forget: Inner Sunset Town Hall Meeting TONIGHT With Sups. Elsbernd and Mirkarimi and SFPD Chief Gascon

IMG_0109.JPGTonight only! Thursday Thursday Thursday! The Inner Sunset will have a Town Hall Meeting with Supervisors Elsernd and Mirkarimi, and SFPD Chief Gascon at 7pm in the County Fair buliding in Golden Gate Park, located just past the park entrance at 9th and Lincoln.
Given how much is going on these days, what with a disastrous N and J Muni FAIL yesterday, the accident this morning, Supervisor Sean Elsbernd’s recent proposals on Charter amendments, and Sup. Mirkarimi’s appointment to chair the SFCTA (on which Mr. Elsbernd also serves), as well as the myriad of topics facing our area, there should be plenty to discuss.
The event is sponsored by the Inner Sunset Park Neighbors, and meet your neighbors. Should be interesting!

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2 Responses to Don’t Forget: Inner Sunset Town Hall Meeting TONIGHT With Sups. Elsbernd and Mirkarimi and SFPD Chief Gascon

  1. Sean says:

    One thing the organizers haven’t answered is who is responsible for filtering the questions. I asked them on their Facebook page here:, but they haven’t responded.
    While I understand and sympathize with the desire to prevent those with an agenda to give a speech instead of asking a question, it would be useful to know what criteria they are using when deciding whether or not to forward one of the submitted questions on to the speakers. Their desire to manage our public officials in this opaque way can be construed as an attempt to protect them or control the agenda.

  2. Greg Dewar says:

    Hmm…I have to confess I wasn’t aware that they were doing this as I don’t use FB that much to rsvp to events unless I have to.
    I’m a little bugged that they’re giving these questions in advance, instead of at least live…I don’t mind screening out the loudmouthy say nothings, but giving out the questions in advance allows the officials to provide canned responses, especially if there is no follow up.
    I’ll stop by and check it out. However, having gone to a million of these kinds of events, my experience is that usually you can bug the electeds before or after if you want. šŸ™‚

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