Did Someone Detonate an EMP in SF That Made Us Forget What Translink is?

Seriously, San Francisco, what is up? To hear certain mainstream news organizations, they are these alleged Guardians of The Republic, with their mad news skillz, which makes them superior to online entities. So it was a bit much to read yet another story where if you’d been reading Something Not the Chronicle, it was old (and more accurate) news.

Then we realized, hey wait! SF Appeal and Akit were on the case MONTHS ago. And to hear some tell it, there’s this new shiny thing called “Translink” and omg that’s so new and shiny!

For all your Translink related needs, may I direct you to the archives of the SF Appeal, SFist and of course, my site. I’ll happily include others if folks have links – send them in.

The point is not that there’s only one place to get the news, hey you can go to lots of places (diverse sources of news FTW), but it’s a bit much to see the mainstream media bloviate about how they’re superior to other news organizations, when they’ve had a long record of picking up their ideas from blogs and online news sources, and never giving out credit or links for said sources.


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2 Responses to Did Someone Detonate an EMP in SF That Made Us Forget What Translink is?

  1. Eve says:

    Aw, thank you, Greg!

  2. anonymouse says:

    Yeah, this new Translink thing will be totally awesome once it’s implemented everywhere. I hear they’re planning to finish that sometime in 2001.

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