More Improvements on Irving Street!

The other day I was out and about and took some photos of these new planter boxes at 6th and Irving. Barbara and Paul, who own the House Formerly Known As the Yes We Can House, put these in recently and they look great.

They are identical to the ones on 8th Avenue, and it would be nice to see other parts of the neighborhood put these in. They not only look nice, but they also help with the excess runoff during rainy season.

It’s also a nice way to have neighbors get together and work on something that benefits everyone.

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2 Responses to More Improvements on Irving Street!

  1. Paul says:

    Hi Greg,
    I agree, it would be great if more people did this (looks great, and rain water can soak into the ground rather than be processed). People can have concrete pulled up and planted, contact Plant*SF ( for more info. I plan to do this with neighbors in the near future.

  2. Polly says:

    They do look amazing! I’m so happy to see them every time I walk by. Nice work!
    I love this home’s community building efforts, what a fine addition to our neighborhood!

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