Friendly Reminder: Inner Sunset Clean Up Day is Saturday, March 20th at 9am!

As I mentioned a while back, the Inner Sunset Clean Up Day is fast approaching, as it’s this Saturday, the 20th, from 9am – 12 noon. If you would like to participate, and haven’t RSVP’d (so they know how many cleaning supplies to order), please do so via email, like, now. If you put in the volunteer time, not only will you get a light breakfast provided by Arizmendi Bakery and the Beanery, but participants will have a free barbecue aftewards at the Blackthorn Tavern on Irving. Now come on, surely you can’t resist a chance to volunteer, hang out with your neighbors, and have free barbecue on a sunny Saturday, right?
In addition to picking up trash and so on, there are now opportunities to help clean up graffiti on public property. Even if you can’t make the event, you can still help by emailing in locations of graffiti on public places, and they’ll be added to the list to be cleaned up. (Note that graffiti on private property has to go through 311 and the process established for them).
The Inner Sunset is going through a bit of a renaissance right now, with many new businesses opening up, current ones expanding, and it’s a great time to get involved and help out!

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