Did Muni Boss Nate Ford Even Read The Article He Hates So Much? Even He Can’t Say!

This was too hilarious to just re-tweet on Twitter: Word is that Muni Boss Nathaniel Ford, who’s been screaming mad about “snitches” (but not about demolishing your Muni and jacking up the price), was asked if he’d read the cover story co-authored by Joe Eskenazi and myself. He says no, but also wrote a letter criticizing it.
Which makes one wonder – how can one write a letter attacking an article if they didn’t actually read it?
Something tells me Mr. Ford has spent so much time in the doublespeak world of Newsomville, that he probably can’t remember the Message of the Day his boss dictated to him, and now honestly doesn’t know. It’s not like he’s been particularly forthright with us in the past to begin with, right?
Happy Friday. Oh hey Mr. Ford? Word is there was yet another accident on the Muni Metro system late last night. Helpful hint: when putting buses and trains on the system, you’re supposed to avoid accidents, not cause more of them.
Oh and that whole “serving the public” thing? You’re supposed to avoid making our lives miserable with slow, unreliable service at high prices, NOT stick it to us while you reel in big pay and make Muni the Mayor’s punching bag. Consider this a message from the owners/riders of Muni – WE’RE NOT “CUSTOMERS,” DAMMIT!
Just so ya know.

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4 Responses to Did Muni Boss Nate Ford Even Read The Article He Hates So Much? Even He Can’t Say!

  1. MrEricSir says:

    Nat Ford doesn’t have time to read newspapers. He’s too busy shoveling wheelbarrows filled with taxpayer money into his personal bank account while Newsom pats him on the back and tells him what a great job he’s doing.

  2. david vartanoff says:

    IIRC SF has a misdemeanor reg for disrupting/interfering w/ Muni operations. Citizens need to start ‘serving’ Ford w/ summonses as he violates.

  3. DylanBD says:

    Any word on the disruption to the N Judah from today’s fire at 8th Ave?

  4. Robert says:

    According to the Chronicle this morning Mr. Ford has the highest base pay of ANY San Francisco city employee …
    > Only one city employee had a base salary topping $300,000. Nathaniel Ford,
    > executive director of the Municipal Transportation Agency, made $332,489.
    sigh 🙁

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