Hey! Go Bug Some Supervisors In the Inner Sunset Today!

Because that’s what people do with their free time on rainy days, right? Go to this “Budget Committee Hearing” over at the County Fair Building, and talk to the people who think they banned plastic bags (didn’t) and who are really worried you’re not eating your veggies (while Muni burns)? That’s fun, right? Well, it might be worth checking out, especially after yesterday evening’s all star mega failure of a commute home on Muni. (and word coming in just now of a morning failure, from various Twitter friends)
An aside – isn’t it amazing how things like the Duboce/Church track switching seems to only fail at rush hour. For some reason it never happens at say, 1pm in the afternoon on a weekday. No, it only happens when you need it most, and it takes you 1 1/2 hours to move less than a mile. All on the same day Mayor “Football Bat” Newsom and his appointed lackey, Nate Ford, commenced wrecking Muni even more than they already did. Amazing.
Which makes me wonder – is a big old fashioned Muni f*ck up even news anymore? It seems to be a constant, the only consistency Nate Ford and Muni have developed under his reign of error.
Oh, also, I want to note the irony of a post on disappearing posts, disappearing itself. I foolishly still use Safari, only because too many passwords are stored in it and I can’t get them out, and while re-editing the post, I had a double fail of both the browser and Movable Type, which created a perfect storm of computer crapola that wiped it out. Needless to say, that move to WordPress is being pushed through as fast as possible.

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