Hate To Say “I Told Ya So” But…

I hate to say “I told you so” but…once again one of the many points made in the Muni Death Spiral article has been proven correct. Muni’s crackpipe budget nonsense, has been proven to be officially a joke. The whimsical notion that Muni would “sell taxi medallions” was just that – a whimsical notion invented by overpaid aides in City Hall or the MTA (where one ends and the other begins is questionable these days).
It’s akin to me saying to my landlord that I’ll be paying my rent with a unicorn that poops rainbows at the end of the month. It’s a lovely notion and if it happened would be superdeluxeawesome, but its likelihood of happening is virtually impossible. Unfortunately, Muni’s bumbling means we all pay.
I’ll be posting more substantive posts later, but I couldn’t resist, especially after the catcalls from Nathaniel “300,000 Man” Ford.

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