A Nice Surprise in Today’s 7×7 Magazine’s Neighborhood Edition

I went to my mailbox to get my mail and what should I find in there but a copy of 7×7 Magazine, one of the few magazines I even get at home anymore. It’s their “Neighborhood” themed issue and as I was skimming it they had a fun article on Muni.

Imagine my surprise when they did a shout out to the blog, as well as other talented bloggers around town, and were kind enough to include a quote.

Needless to say this was a nice surprise during a time when things have been wavering between boring or tedious (especially at work). Thanks, 7×7, especially this came just days after our official 5 year anniversary!

PS: While they had many fine shirts on display for sale, don’t forget you can buy our classic “N is Near” shirt, our “Muni FailWhale” Shirt, and more at the N Judah Chronicles Online Store!

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