Quick Link: Klingon Transit Signage in San Diego

Because I’m a fool, I didn’t buy passes to Comic Con when I had the chance, so I’m missing out on what is turning out to be the best Comic Con yet. Why is Comic Con so awesome?
It is awesome because the City of San Diego is re-doing the signage at the Convention Center Trolley Stop in Kilngon.
This is one of many reasons it’s a great event to attend. For now I’m following it all on The Twitter, and planning to buy passes for next year. At least it’s sunny in San Diego.
(Links courtesy of California Streets blog and @proggrrl on Twitter)

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  1. Bob Davis says:

    I wonder what Gene Roddenberry (a.k.a The Great Bird of the Universe) or William (Denny Crane!) Shatner would say about this. My dad and I used to watch The Original Series Trek reruns in the 1970’s, but we had no idea that an Earthling quasi-governmental entity would take Star Trek this seriously. (on the other hand, you don’t want to get on the wrong side of the Klingons.)
    Survive and Succeed!
    (I could also mention that one of the Star Trek feature films has the Enterprise crew landing in 20th Century San Francisco, and one comment was, “It was either SF or Hollywood–where else could they land and not be noticed? Both places have plenty of strange people to blend in with.” Muni riders of that era could relate to the scene where the visitors are riding a bus, and some punk is listening to a very loud “boom box”. Since Vulcans have sensitive hearing, Mr. Spock asks the fellow to “turn your radio down.” When he repeats the request and gets a foul-mouthed answer, he gives the jerk a Vulcan nerve-pinch, putting the guy on the floor to the applause of the regular passengers.)

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