Is The Infamous Sickout Flyer Real or Not?

Thanks to a friend I’ve managed to acquire a copy of the infamous anonymous flyer calling for a sickout as reported last week.
Upon looking at it (or at least a scan of it) I have to say I have no way of telling if this a) the work of just some upset employees doing something on their own, b) if this is something “official” (although it doesn’t seem like it) or c) dare I say it, a fake, or at least a bad practical joke.
I’d be curious if anyone out there could shed some light on this. It reads like something a group of upset people might do if they felt their views weren’t being heard. How many people will heed its call for an uprising is beyond me. I’d appreciate any insights people out there might have before we have an ongoing freakout.
For what it’s worth, I’m starting to think this is going to go nowhere. I mean, what person in their right mind would want to shut down Muni the week of the Giants/Dodgers series? No matter how ticked people might be at upper management, et al, would anyone REALLY want to mess up people coming to town to cheer on the Giants at this time? I think not.

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2 Responses to Is The Infamous Sickout Flyer Real or Not?

  1. Sam Foster says:

    Random thought…if that was an official memo wouldn’t the union have letterhead all over it?
    They seem like just the kind of wrong-headed narcissists to want to make sure they got credit.

  2. @makfan says:

    Any time would be a bad time for a sickout, as most people ride MUNI to get to work. Ballgame traffic just adds to the usual mess.
    I was watching the situation at AC Transit when management tried to force a new contract on the drivers. A lot of times the sickout meant canceled transbay routes in the evening. Imagine getting out of work and finding out your bus is canceled for the night?

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