The SFMTA Responds to a “Sick Out” Today…

Although it is still unclear if calls for a “sick out” at Muni are for real, or the after-work ramblings of a few ticked off people at the computer one night, the SFMTA sent out a memo today reminding workers that any planned action like this is in fact forbidden by both the City Charter (the same one that guarantees their pay rate) and the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with TWU Local 250-A.
The memo also now states that medical certification will be required for sick leave (i.e. legitimate sick leave) for 5 days or fewer.
I’m starting to wonder if this was just all a stunt or something, but I suppose we won’t know until the 13th.

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5 Responses to The SFMTA Responds to a “Sick Out” Today…

  1. Al says:

    If “medical certification” is now required and was not before, that seems like a pretty big change.

  2. sfsmskater says:

    Overkill. The operators are the only sensible ones. They refused to go along with TWU recommendation of a forced signup, They all showed for work when the new schedules went into effect. The overwhelming majority will not participate in the sickout. Requiring a doctor’s note is excessive and just drives up the cost of health care.

  3. Seth says:

    Is there any traction in creating a PAC to support the interests of riders? The operators have a pretty strong (though dissonant) voice for their thoughts. When will the customers (the backbone) of MUNI get to be heard as well? Much like we see in education, the union has hijacked the voice of those they’re supposed to represent.

  4. Greg Dewar says:

    there’s at least two groups that claim to represent riders. one is a front group for TWU and the ultra left, the other has TWU on its steering committee. So no, we don’t have a group that represents rides.
    I actually studied this years ago, and the problem is that frankly, unlike NYC where EVERYONE rides the subway, and as a result the “straphangers campaign” is a powerful force in politics, people here don’t really care as much, and the bike people want Muni to fail so everyone rides a bike and joins the bike coalition. The faltering “SF Transit Rider’s Union” is “progressives only” club that refuses to allow businesses any representation, but of course, have TWU represented on their steering committee…

  5. Ben Lowe says:

    @sfsmskater, the memo indicates that the mandatory medical certification will only be in effect until October 15. It’s thankfully not a long-term bureaucratic burgeoning.

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