An N Judah-Bentley Collision from About 40 Minutes Ago

ninbound-bentley2.jpgI’ve been off The Twitter for a few days because I needed a break from a constant stream of “news,” and because I needed to get some things done before the end of the year. But I do check my Twitter feed, and today it seems a Bentley had a run-in with an inbound N, leading to delays, etc.
So far, eyewitness reports don’t seem to have any information on exactly how this happened, but you can see the photo provided by a Loyal Reader here. From what I can see, the car doesn’t look super-damaged, but on a pricey car like that, even an oil change costs a fortune.
UPDATE: Additional Readers have pointed out that in this case, the car was pulled up too far, and the N nicked it during the turn. They also pointed out many annoyed Muni passengers let the driver of the Bentley know this, and the fact their commute was delayed, in no uncertain terms.

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3 Responses to An N Judah-Bentley Collision from About 40 Minutes Ago

  1. Joel says:

    I was in the second car and saw it occur just as it was happening, so hopefully others can fill in the details as to how it actually formed: the woman was definitely pulled up too far, but I guess I’m still confused (honestly confused, that wsn’t snark) why the driver wasn’t absolutely laying on the horn and pausing in the intersection until the Bentley backed up and this was avoided–I’m assuming the woman kept slightly pulling through and it was way too late to brake the Breda beast by the time the slight collision became inevitable. I never felt any big jerk or stop or anything–we certainly were never flying through the intersection.
    The Bentley had a flat tire and a small-ish scratch above the tireframe. And yeah, there were plenty of people really giving it to the woman, and while I can kind of understand their anger, I felt kinda bad for her, too. Shit happens, people make small mistakes all the time, you know, and a minor fender-bender shouldn’t make thousands of people late for work, but given the nature of that intersection and the crummy design of the Muni system, that’s what happened. That said, the Muni employees themselves were fairly on the ball here.

  2. Greg Dewar says:

    Part of the problem is the nature of a streetcar (or even a bus) – no matter what, they simply can’t stop on a dime like people would want. I’ve seen several incidents at that corner where the operator of the streetcar will stop suddenly because of a perceived problem that may not even be there – they’re just being double cautious.
    I think in times like these people are on edge enough, and with all the delays Muni’s had lately due to things like the computer running the subway being turned off by mistake, etc. people are going to flip out, even if, like you say, this does tend to fall into the “shit happens ” category.
    Also, the fact that the N goes down Irving then has to make those turns on to 9th and to Judah are an anachronism left over from when the system was built – the 6 Parnassus streetcar was not owned by Muni, and as such the N couldn’t (wouldn’t) share the tracks so they had it go down Irving, then turn. (and back then most of the Sunset was sand dunes still)
    Obviously trying to move it to go to Irving all the way down to the beach can’t happen now, etc. but it shows how a decision made 80+ years ago has repercussions today.

  3. manuel says:

    is so clear the woman panic and tried to get of harm way instead of braking power up maybe she tough it could go a little to the right them got caugh in betwen the mid section, now the muni driver was in none paid status another none sense costly delay and labor soo much buerecracy the passenger going to work shouldnt have to be waiting for this stupid incident

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