Is the Yahoo Bus Derby Rigged Against Us? Maybe, Maybe Not…

map-yahoo.jpgSo I was reading my daily Google News Alert about all things Muni related, and I found a post at Funcheap SF about something called the Yahoo! Bus Derby, whereby 20 bus shelters are outfitted with 20 giant touch screens where you can play all sorts of games in the rain, and represent your neighborhood while scoring points. The highest scoring neighborhood gets a concert of some sort.
Now, aside from the bemused reaction of some around here (“does this mean 20 touch screens will be for sale at Craigslist later this week?”), it was hard not to notice that not one of these things is set up anywhere on the westside. I mean of all places, wouldn’t Carl and Cole or UCSF stops on the N be perfect for this kind of time killer while you’re waiting for the N?
That said, from all indications, the Richmond is winning in a landslide, so if you see one of these things, take a few moments and win some points for the Sunset…let’s show those east coasters it’s not “bleak” out here like they keep saying it is.

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2 Responses to Is the Yahoo Bus Derby Rigged Against Us? Maybe, Maybe Not…

  1. sfcharlie says:

    Yeah, we saw that stuff. “Sunset” is listed as a neighborhood #thanks, for that# but no location to “play”. Probably just as well it really sounds lame.

  2. Anon says:

    Hot tip: that’s a project that Yahoo is doing with Ok Go.

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