“The Next Frontier: Engineering the Golden Age of Green” is on ABC7 This Weekend!

This past summer, I had the chance to attend the premiere of the documentary “The Next Frontier: Engineering the Golden Age of Green” at the California Academy of Science. It’s an interesting documentary, less concerned with the debate over climate change and more concerned with the fact that oil will not last forever and we’re going to need new energy sources that won’t run out, and are not based on dead dinosaurs.
This weekend, an abbreviated version will be shown on Sunday on ABC7 at 2pm. The extended version will be on KQED sometime in December. However I have a copy on DVD that I’d like to give away to a Loyal Reader (yes it’s really that cool of a documentary), AND I would like to feature more writers for the Guest Blogger section, so here’s a little contest we’ll run – write a post (not too long) about your most memorable ride on the N Judah (Sorry buses). Winner gets a DVD and a Guest Blog Post! Go for it!

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