If You’d Like To Improve Boarding on the N at Carl and Cole, Write the SFMTA

A while back, the MTA announced some proposed improvments at Carl and Cole to improve pedestrian safety and speed up boarding. This is one of those issues I’ve been following, but not writing about because towards the end of last year Things That Have Nothing To Do With Blogging began to get in the way of me posting things in a timely manner, which for me is very frustrating. (Not being paid full time to do this has its drawbacks.)
Fortunately, Streetsblog SF was on the case, and reports that after some tinkering to alleviate neighbor concerns, a plan is to be voted on next Tuesday by the MTA Board. If you take a look at the proposal, there’s nothing radical about it, and it would help safety and improve boarding times at one of the busier stops (inbound and outbound).
Yes, a few parking spots will be lost. But let’s be realistic – losing 3 spots is not going to end anyone’s business – this is already an area with very little parking to begin with. It is foolish to think that every single patron of every business is driving, parking a block from the business area, and patronizing the businesses. Just the patrons of the Kezar Bar and Restaurant would take up all the parking, and there’d be spillover all over the place. And yet, despite these and other realities, there’s a few busybodies who would rather endanger others and decrease efficiency for the entire line, based on nothing more than rhetoric and “beliefs.”
I wouldn’t be behind this if after all the research and reading I’ve done I thought it would do nothing, or worse, be something that would damage a neighborhood I very much like and whose businesses I patronize and damage the N as a whole. That’s why I urge folks to email the MTA board, and ask them to try and do the right thing in this case, and continue the ongoing commitment to safety for pedestrians and owner/riders on the N, as they have done on Irving St.

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2 Responses to If You’d Like To Improve Boarding on the N at Carl and Cole, Write the SFMTA

  1. david vartanoff says:

    so is it the long or short SW bulbout which is planned? And will they be smart enough to include the ADA ramp so they can eliminate the other stops?

  2. Justin says:

    NB: I just sent an email to sfmtaboard@sfmta.com and it bounced. It looks like the correct e-mail address is mtaboard@sfmta.com instead.

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