Thanks, Scoutmob for Promoting Our Proposed Ride on Muni with Mayor Lee!

SM_email_logo(SF).pngThis week I had a unique opportunity to promote the blog and our proposed “Ride Muni with Mayor Lee” event with Scoutmob, one of the latest iterations of the “really good deal” websites. This was a chance to reach many people who perhaps haven’t already seen the blog, and to promote our idea for pushing Muni issues higher up the agenda for the folks at City Hall.
There’s no cash involved in this deal, it’s more of a light promo kind of thing, but I figured it was a good idea, and I do like Scoutmob over some of the others. For one, they have deals in all parts of San Francisco, not just the Mission and tourist spots. For another, they’ve had some amazing deals right here in my part of the neighborhood, including a 50% off coupon at Pacific Catch, and others at Cha Cha Cha, Social Brewery, and more. And, unlike other such sites, I’m not getting daily emails about spa treatments and nail salon deals.
So, if you’re already a Scoutmob person, note our spot in the daily newsletter this week. If you’ve not already checked out Scoutmob, please do so. They have apps for all the major smartphones, but even if you don’t have a smartphone, you can still use the site’s deals!
Anyway, check it out, and if this ride with Mayor Lee thing works out, maybe we should do it with all the candidates for mayor in 2011, or perhaps the new Supervisors. Could be a fun ongoing feature!

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