More Ways To Support an Inner Sunset Parklet!

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Earlier this year, you’ll recall that during the faux mayoral election in January, I suggested we use our powers for good and support the proposed Inner Sunset Parklet for 9th Avenue.
Today, I’m once again asking for good people both in the neighborhood, and those who live elsewhere (but still support a city that’s livable for people all the same) to come out in support this project — either by signing the petition, or attending a hearing at the San Francisco Department of Public works on March 2nd at 9am.
If you can’t make the hearing because you can’t leave work at 9am, please send in a letter via US Mail or e-mail to DPW at the address listed below, and make sure your voice is heard. This project has a significant level of support, and once it’s actually done, people will wonder why anyone would say bad things about it. The few who are making some negative noise about it represent no one, and are the types of folks who thrive on negative energy, so they shall get paid no mind after some of the stunts they’ve pulled, online and offline.
Anyway, I wouldn’t be supporting this if I didn’t think it was a good idea, and in the end this, like the many other improvements that have popped up in the Inner Sunset these past few years, will enhance the quality of life for everyone. So go out there and give it some support!
To send a letter via US Mail, please send your correspondence, signed and dated to the following address:
Nick Eisner
Dept of Public Works
Bureau of Street Use and Mapping
875 Stevenson St, Room 460
San Francisco 94103

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