News You Can Use: Critical Mass TONIGHT, Construction at Duboce/Church this Weekend!

There’s a few things you should know during NonSnowpacalypse Friday…obviously today is Critical Mass day, so be aware of that as you plan your trip home if you’re downtown.
More importantly, there is major construction at Duboce and Church this weekend that will affect both the N and J lines. The MTA sent out this bulletin detailing just what is happening. Read it carefully – when the N is replaced by a bus it is significantly slower because it has to cut through Haight Street (and then you realize WHY they built the Sunset Tunnel!). Rather than reinvent the wheel, I’ll just post the bulletin so you’ll know what’s up?
The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), which operates Muni, has scheduled rail maintenance work on Church Street and Duboce Avenue on Saturday, Feb. 26 and Sunday, Feb. 27, 2011.
Muni will adjust service on the J Church and the N Judah rail lines for the weekend.
What to expect:

Muni J & N Line Subway Service
· J and N trains will operate in the Muni Metro Tunnel between the Embarcadero Station and Castro Station.
· Train destinations signs will read: Shuttle Train.
· Church Street Station is the transfer point to street level service to the outer terminals for both the J and N lines.
Muni J Line Street Level Service
· J Line customers can continue their trip at the regular outbound stop on Church Street at Market Street.
· J Line trains will service all stops between Church and Market streets and the Balboa Park Station.
· The last inbound stop will be at Church and Market streets, and customers can continue downtown by transferring to the Shuttle Train in the Church Street Station.
· Accessible service for customers with disabilities will be provided by the J Supplemental Shuttle Bus. The northbound Shuttle Bus will depart from 18th and Church streets. The next stop will be at Market and Church. The southbound Shuttle Bus will be at a temporary terminal on Church Street just south of Market. The next stop will be at 18th and Church.
· Transfer locations for the Muni 22 Fillmore bus route are at the Church and Market streets islands.
N Line Street Level Service
· N Judah Line trains will not operate between Church Street Station and Ocean Beach.
· N Line customers can travel by Shuttle Bus between Ocean Beach and Church Street Station, then transfer to inbound subway service. The only missed stop will be at the east portal of Sunset Tunnel.
· Inbound and outbound N Line customers can catch Shuttle Bus service at the temporary terminal at 14th and Church streets
Other Service
· Muni Route 22 Fillmore bus customers should expect delays. Electric trolley coaches will serve the route during the day, and Owl service will be on motor coaches.
· There are no changes to service on K, L, M and T line trains, Muni N Owl Bus and Route 37 Corbett service.
· Look for extra Shuttle Trains running between Embarcadero to Church Street Station.
· Please look for directional signs to temporary bus stops.
· SFMTA Ambassadors will be in the area to provide information and to assist customers in making connections on Muni bus and rail service.
What to expect:
· Duboce Avenue between Church and Fillmore will be closed to motor vehicles all weekend.
· Vehicular traffic will be restricted to one lane in each direction on Church Street between Market and Hermann streets.
· Police officers will be on site directing traffic.
· Some street parking will not be available in or near construction zones, specifically on Church Street between Duboce and south of Market.
· Residents close to construction will be subject to some noise.
· Local access will be granted.
· Local businesses will be open.

So, to sum up-everything’s “normal” today (Friday), construction is on Saturday/Sunday, and the N will still work in the subway, it’s just that once you get to Duboce/Church, you have to board a bus outbound (and vice versa).
As for snow, if it does snow (which it isn’t) just be prepared for assorted unpredictable mayhem, similar to when it’s sunny, it rains, it’s windy, or there’s Giants fever.

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3 Responses to News You Can Use: Critical Mass TONIGHT, Construction at Duboce/Church this Weekend!

  1. julie says:

    Thank you for this info, Greg! I’m glad I read this before setting out today… this will help me plan my weekend travels.

  2. Ted K. says:

    Re : N Line Street Level Service
    Typo in first bullet point –
    s/Church Street Station/Church + Duboce Stop/ or
    s/Church Street Station/Church + Duboce Portal/

  3. Greg Dewar says:

    thanks for the tip. I copied and pasted the original SFMTA press release. You might want to CC them on that.

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